– Dear Dad –

One of the first Father's Day gifts we gave you was a bookmark from our elementary school's book sale that said "World's Greatest Dad". We believed it then, and still believe it today. Here, we've gathered a few fun family shots from over the years. We hope they bring back some fond memories. Happy Father's Day.

All of us going to Temple

This is ridiculous. I don't know what to say.

Niagara Falls. I don't look like I'm having a great time...

In the backyard at our first house 

Fall, 1990

Visiting Aunt Ginny in Traverse City

Disney World, 1995

Chanukkah, 1989

Florida, 1993

Helping you cut the lawn at our new house

My High School graduation

Soo Locks, 1994

Our matching Elementary School shirts

Family Camp

Getting clean

Party time!

Chanukkah, 1994